Aqua Eye Wireless Boat Monitoring System
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Aqua Eye Monitoring System FaqsFrequently Asked Questions

Can I install the Aqua Eye™ myself?
Absolutely. If you can use a screwdriver you have it covered!

Is the Aqua Eye™ truly wireless?
Yes indeed. The only wires to plug in are the power cords which are as easy as plugging in a cell phone charger.

Can I have the Aqua Eye™ notify more than just myself?
Of course. You can choose up to three people to be notified via text message of any alarms. The recipients can be changed at anytime on the website.

How do I check in with the Aqua Eye™?
Simply send a text message to the Aqua Eye™ at anytime to check in or you can program it to check in with you at a set time every day.